Boost is all about taking regular, guilt-free breaks

We've lost count of how many research studies have shown the positive impact of taking regular breaks on productivity, focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. One that stands out, in particular, is a 2011 study by the University of Illinois which found that taking regular breaks of just 2 minutes increased productivity of subjects by over 11.15%.

Boost started with the goal of helping busy people schedule breaks into their workday. "Busy people don't have time to take breaks" is something we often heard from people we shared the idea with. We launched Boost and busy people contacted us to tell us about the positive impact Boost was having on their workday - both their performance and well-being.

We learned that busy people don't have time to take long breaks, so we've kept Boosts to five minutes and to three Boosts per day. And we've made sure that only the highest standard of content is included in the Boost content library so you'll only see Boosts you'll love.

Our mission is to improve the productivity and well-being of people at work

Boost has one mission: to increase the productivity and improve the well-being of people at work. And with an ever-growing user base, we’re well on our way.

Taking breaks at work is like going to the gym or eating healthily. Almost everyone knows that it's the right thing to do but oftentimes we don't go to the gym as much or eat as heathily as we should. Boost solves this problem by making it super easy to schedule regular breaks into your work schedule and provides you with awesome content to watch during those breaks.


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